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Save the United States Postal Service! Buy stamps to keep the post office open!

Buy stamps! #SaveUSPS!

The easiest and cheapest way to save Democracy. 

We can all do our part to save the United States Postal Service by simply buying a pack of stamps! It's easy! GO ONLINE

Or if you want a shortcut to some of the best stamps, here's the list: 

The Top Five Stamps You Need To Have

Best choice for #TigerKing fans.

#BreastCancer research charity stamps.

Your standard #AmericanFlag stamps.

Star Ribbon stamp, special edition, starting at $1650. For the #BigSpender.

Patriotic Forever® stamp sold in coils of 3,000 and 10,000. Offering a fresh take on patriotic stamps, the design features a digital illustration of a star made from a single red, white, and blue ribbon. The white space in the middle of the ribbon creates a second smaller star.

Global Forever® Flower Stamp

Send greetings to friends and family overseas with a new Global Forever® stamp from the U.S. Postal Service.

This round stamp features a beautiful pink chrysanthemum. Shot from above, the photograph shows the intricate design of the flower’s bloom.

Want more? Just go to the USPS Online Store and take a look! Every stamp you buy helps ensure that the Postal Service, one of the true hearts of American Democracy, survives the coronavirus and COVID19 trials we all now face. Stay strong everyone, stay strong and fight. YOU can make a difference! SO DO IT!


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